Biomass power generation expected to spread in the future

Biomass power generation is a mechanism for generating electricity using biomass "renewable resources derived from living organisms" as fuel.
Therefore, it is classified as renewable energy.
Unlike solar power generation, it can generate electricity 24 hours a day regardless of the weather, so it is a power generation method that has received a lot of attention when tackling climate change.
However, it costs a lot not only to construct the equipment but also to operate it, and it is not widely used in Japan.

There are various kinds of biomass fuel such as wood, livestock manure / swill, and waste oil. Among them, we handle biomass power generation using biomass fuel made of wood.

Woody biomass

Biomass made of wood is called woody biomass, and we are engaged in the development, operation and operation of woody biomass power generation.
Japan has a forest area of about 25 million hectares, and two-thirds of Japan's land area is forest. Forests will become healthier by taking care of them through the process of thinning. However, currently many forests are not properly managed. As a result, thinned timber is left unused.
Therefore, we specialize in biomass power generation using this unused thinned wood as fuel.